Montag, 20. März 2017

Shredding of textiles with Mercodor shredding systems

Shredding of textiles with Mercodor shredding systems

The Mercodor shredding machines for shredding of textiles are equipped with special cutters and shredders which make very easy the shredding of textiles such as old clothing, protective clothes and even military clothing such as uniforms. Out textile shredders are distinguished in particular by their very high availability and process safety just when they process textile fabrics such as rags, nonwovens, jute sacks, nonwovens or other textiles such as textile fabrics with corundum and up to textile plastic bandages.

Mercodor Sondermaschinenbau is your partner for the specialized shredding of any type of textiles; the Mercodor shredders are best suitable also for the shredding of shoes, including the shoe soles. 

We at Mercodor will be happy to advise you on the subject of crushing of textile. If you have questions, take advantage of the various possibilities to contact us and speak today with one of our experts.

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