Mittwoch, 22. Februar 2017

Crushing bottles with Mercodor equipment - Mercodor crushing

Crushing bottles with Mercodor equipment

Mercodor crushing plants for crushing bottles are widely used. Firstly you contribute to reducing the volume of waste, but you also make a major contribution by economically crushing glass and PET bottles. 

Disposable PET bottles are collected and recycled in part, some are "thermally recycled", ie: used as fuel in waste incineration plants or power stations. 

In treatment plants with Mercodor shredders, PET bottles can be chopped into small "flakes" before they are cleaned of foreign materials, sorted by colour and processed into granules. 

Used PET can also be used for manufacturing polyester textile fibres. The world leader in this field is China. In 2006 alone, nearly 4 million tons of PET waste were exported to China, which comes to about 100 billion plastic bottles. Turkey also imports old PET in order to produce textile fibres.

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